Venezuelan Migrants Solidarity Campaign

March 1-16, 2018

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The Place + Space Collective has now launched our Venezuelan Migrants Solidarity Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to raise money to support an organization in Colombia that provides food, shelter, legal advice, and psychosocial assistance for free to Venezuelan migrants, regardless of their migratory status. 

Venezuela is facing the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in its history. Soaring hyperinflation has led to chronic food and medicine shortages. Every day, 40,000 desperate and starving Venezuelans cross into Colombia, its main neighbouring country, in search of food and hard currency. Homelessness, labour and sexual exploitation, crime rates, and xenophobic responses are on the rise in Colombian border towns.  It is urgent to strengthen the humanitarian responses to the crisis, and so the Place + Space Collective is gathering support for the Attention Center for Migrants and Refugees (Maicao-Colombia).

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $2,000 by March 16, but we need your help! On the first day of our campaign, thanks to members of geography and urban studies, the TSSU, SFPIRG, and our communities, we raised $1,000! We are asking you to join us in supporting this organization that is doing crucial work to support Venezuelan migrants in Colombia. 

Donations can be made online ( or given to a member of the Place + Space Collective. Thank you in advance for supporting this important solidarity campaign.

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